Svetlick Family 2017 Wattle Grand Marshals

UpdatedSaturday November 4, 2017 byGCBB.

From 2017 Thanksgiving Wattle Event Director Mark Sigrist:

"Svetlicks Volunteer as Grand Marshal for the 2017 Thanksgiving Wattle

With tremendous joy, I would like to announce that the Wattle this year will have a new bike leader guiding our runners/walkers over our majestic 5K Course on Thanksgiving Morning. This year, Grove City’s Matt Svetlick and his 13 year old daughter Laney are going to serve as our bike escort from Start to Finish. They will pedal and ride a three wheel pedal/motorized trike which they routinely go out togethe...r on bike rides here throughout Grove City.
I first saw Matt and Laney a few weeks after I moved to Grove City and was so inspired by the Father/Daughter excursions. I saw them on two occasions while I was out on my own bicycle riding over Grove City all-purpose paths. Laney just had the biggest smile on her face as she and her dad went about their journey when I saw them both times near Buckeye Ranch.
I didn’t know them at the time, but Matt’s sister Kristina Briggeman answered a question I had on our FB site, wondering who is this man, and how do I reach him. Kristina gave me contact information and I was able to meet her brother Matt, his wife Amy, and Laney soon after. They are a remarkable loving family and have an amazing daughter in Laney.
Laney is a special needs child with Down Syndrome and is a star player in the Buddy Ball League here in Grove City. She also is a big fan of Star Trek Characters. I was wondering if anyone running or walking the Wattle had Star Trek costumes they could wear as it would make her day. If you have some of the costume and need me to help round out your costume (e.g. Spock ears), please let me know what I can do to help. Laney is just absolutely one of Star Trek’s biggest fans. Anyway, please let me know about the Star Trek question.
Please come out and give a big applaud to Laney and her dad for helping us out with the race on Thanksgiving morning. Finally, let me know if I can reach out to other special needs children or adults you may know who might want to participate in the Wattle as a walker or runner, or help out in the Finish Line/Medal Distribution Area as a volunteer. I truly desire to involve all who wish to be involved in our family event. Thank you, mark sigrist"